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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cedar Wood

Where does Cedar wood come from

Cedar wood comes from different trees that grow in different parts of the world and it’s used in different ways.
Most Cedar wood is aromatic, decay-resistant, fragrant, insect-repellent, and light-weight, primarily used to protect clothing from insects.
Cedar Treet
Cedar Tree
The Atlas Cedar is native to the Atlas Mountains in Algeria and in Morocco (the Rif, Middle Atlas and in the High Atlas). The Atlas Cedar is cultivated because it is more tolerant of dry and hot conditions than most conifers.
Cedarwood is now made into small items: boxes, tee-light holders,… the wood is very aromatic due to the high percentage of essential oil it contains. Wood carved balls placed among clothes are an excellent insect repellent.
From Cedar wood is distilled the essential oil which has calming & soothing properties, it is helpful in deepening meditation and strengthen focus (it is often used by Buddhist monks in Tibet).
The aroma of cedarwood is also believed to dispel gloomy thoughts, diffuse fear, dispel anger/ aggression and give courage.

Interesting facts on Cedar:

Cedar is a Semitic word: meaning the power of spiritual strength, and it represents a symbol of constant faith. It is one of the oldest aromatics used as temple incense. Cedarwood may also possibly be the first essential oil to have been extracted from a plant. The Egyptians used this oil extensively, particularly in the process of embalming and mummification, in cosmetics and by impregnating papyrus to protect them from insects. The wood was regarded as a symbol of strength, dignity and nobility; it was made into jewellery, furniture, sarcophagi and ships’ mast. The wood was so valued that Lebanon – main producer of the cedrus libani in antiquity - was incorporated into the Egyptian empire to ensure a regular supply.
Cedar Wood Trivet
Fatima Hand Trivet in cedar wood


  1. I need a large cedar bowl with cover. Is this possible?

  2. Francisco,
    everything is possible! :-)
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