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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Division of labour in Morocco (Casablanca)

This video was filmed in Casablanca, while en-route to Marrakech, Morocco a couple of years ago. Our plane was ½ hour late on the already revised arrival time (because of the rerouting via Casablanca) in the end we were 1.5hr late to reach Marrakech airport and this is probably why. On our stop over we witness the following scene from our window seat. You can clearly see the division of labour is not very high on the agenda, nor is the fast completion of the job. In this case we seem to have too many chiefs and not enough cooks. The one labourer is not exactly working himself to the ground – although our optimistic captain on the plane was already announcing we are about to take off 'imminently' and the on board crew going through the various security trainings while on the ground the loading was still slowly taking place.

This certainly provided us with entertainment for the hour or so we were ‘grounded’ in Casablanca. Have a giggle.

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